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There are a lot of people asking what the Starband dish looks like and how it can be mounted, here are some examples of how the Starband dish is mounted. There are also other pictures which relate to the Starband equipment.

Starband dish close-up roof application. DishNetwork DBS kit attached.
Starband dish compared to a Dish Network 500 satellite dish. Starband is slightly larger than Dish Network and Directv satellite dishes.
Pole mount installation.
All mounts that are attached to roofs are guaranteed not to leak. Lifetime sealant is applied to all lag bolts and hardware.
  The Starband to the left is without the Dishnetwork DBS kit and the Starband on the right has the DBS kit. The DBS kit is for Dish Network programming. Instead of having 2 satellites, they can be combined into a ONE dish solution.
To the right of the dish (or behind) you see a wireless antenna. You can extend you LAN (Local Area Network) to WLAN (Wireless Local Area Netwok), to communicate to other buildings or houses to share your Internet connection or network.

Panel antenna attached to a mount. Low loss cable is used for long cable runs. These are 3 different mounting options.





Starband application to a shingled roof.


Grounding of the VSAT system.
Cables are ran clean and as neat as possible.
Wireless router and bridge used to extend wireless connection to other locations.
This is the Starband modem. It will be located inside your location. Can be connected directly to you computer or wireless router so you can use your wireless laptop if you would like.