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Wireless Broadband Internet FAQ's

Q: What is Fixed Wireless Broadband?
A: Fixed wireless broadband is a method of delivering high-speed data utilizing wireless connections.  There is no need for any phone or cable connection.  All traffic is transported with wireless technology.

Q: How is Internet service is  provided?
A: WiMAX Express installs a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) at the customer facilities.  This equipment consists of a radio antenna located outside of your home or business.

Q: How fast is the WiMAX Express  connection?
A: Our service is comparable to DSL and Cable Internet

Q: Where is the service available?
A: Our current network provides service in the Lincoln and Mercer Counties. The maps provided on this website are not guaranteeing a signal, because terrain and foliage play in the quality of a signal. We also have plans of expanding our coverage area in the near future.

Q: How much time it takes to have service?
A: We can provide you with service in an average of 1-5 business days.  If faster service is required, please contact us for further details.

Q: Does rain or other weather conditions affect service?
A: No, our service operates on a frequency not affected by any type of weather. If the signal is going through alot of trees, your signal could be affected.

Q: Is the wireless network encrypted?
A: Yes. DES (Data Encryption Standard) is used in our wireless network, using a symmetric encryption standard consisting of a 64-bit key

Q: As my business grows and our broadband needs increase, can I change my connection speed?
A: Yes. If you need to upgrade your connection, simply gives us a call. Normally there is no need for a technician to be dispatched.

Q: DSL is not available in our location. Will that prevent us from getting WiMAX Express service?
A: No. There isn’t even a phone line required.

Q: Is wireless the same as satellite?
A: No, although the installation looks similar and employs a small antenna on the roof, Fixed Wireless is terrestrial rather than extraterrestrial. Because Fixed Wireless receives its signal from an access node only a few miles away, it is much faster (less latency) than satellite, which has to travel almost 22,000 miles for its signal.

Q: How does wireless Internet connect to my computer?
A: Wireless Internet connects to your computer via a standard Ethernet cable. Most computers now come with Ethernet ports built in. If you have an older computer that does not have an Ethernet port, we can provide one for you.

Q: Are there any wireless Hot Spots available so I can connect my laptop when I’m out on the road?
A: We have some wireless hotspots currently in Stanford. We plan on expanding this in the future.

Q: Are you like everyone else such as the cable and phone companies, where the price of the service goes up after so long?
A: We have no introductory prices for the first few months. The prices listed here are what they are. Also you don't have to have any "bundled package" in order to save.

Phone Service FAQ's

Q: What is Lightyear?
A: Lightyear is an affordable and easy-to-use broadband telephone service. Designed with both residential and business customers in mind, Lightyear allows anyone with broadband (high-speed) Internet access to use their regular phone to make UNLIMITED calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for as little as $24.99 per month.

Q: Can your phone service use my existing home phone?
A: With our phone adapter, you can have our phone service, plugged directly into your existing wiring.

Q: Can I keep my existing phone number?
A: Yes, there will be a temporary phone number for you to use for about 2-4 weeks. Then your existing phone number will be applied to your Lightyear phone service by LNP (LOCAL NUMBER PORTABILITY). Customers with a Eubank phone number are not able to LNP their number at this time.

















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