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Who Are We?

WiMAX Express has originated from Cable Connections & Communications, the parent company. Cable Connections has been around since November 1999.

Starband is the first product installed and serviced by Cable Connections. Starband is America's first always-on broadband Internet satellite. If you are in the need for broadband Internet, but have no alternatives, Starband may be your ticket.

Installing and servicing communications systems for large corporations like Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, the local Government, etc. Systems such as telecom, Ethernet, 802.x wireless, satellite, and fiber optics. Recently establishing a wireless network in the Stanford, KY area, Cable Connections is growing with its success.

Today, WiMAX Express is working to bring affordable Broadband Internet to families. Also WiMAX Express is offering solutions for businesses such as remote camera systems, fast & reliable connections from building to building. Building to building connections can be made of speeds of up to 300MBps.

WiMAX Express is the first fixed wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider for Lincoln County. We have been serving our customers since August 2006, and we are looking forward to serving many years ahead.


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